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Symantec and The Dogg have launched a contest allowing you to upload a video of you spittin’ some rhymes, to win a laptop “pimped out” with Norton AV 2010 and a return plane trip to LA, dogg. *ahem* Now personally, I’m not a fan of Norton, as a matter of fact I’d avoid it like the plague (it’s slow, and a massive resource hog, and wayyyy overpriced for the limited protection it provides). But I guess if you have the skills it’s worth it for the free laptop and a holiday!

The closing date’s September 30th, and winners will be announced on Oct 20 2010. Entries can be made via his Youtube, Twitter and Facebook pages. You can find out more at the Hack Is Wack website.

Source: SecurityWeek, Slashdot


Bug in Apple QuickTime bypasses security measures in Windows XP, Vista, 7

A bug has been discovered in Apple’s QuickTime software, bundled with iTunes, allows a remote attacker to access a user’s machine via Internet Explorer to take complete control of your machine if you use these particular pieces of software. The attack defeats ASLR and Data Execution Prevention measures employed since Windows XP rendering them useless in this particular case.

If you believe you are affected by this issue, take one of the following measures:

– Use an alternative browser
– If you must use Internet Explorer, refrain from watching movies in QuickTime format until a patch is released by either Apple or Microsoft.

Source: ReverseMode 0day